For wearing your true colors
Perhaps that/s the reason we
Got stuck in that old causeuse…
The weight was too overloaded.

Seasons changed
From winter-to-winter
Still you didn/t alter
Spring approached
And yet no resolution.

You loved from a distance
Right behind the scenes
Now I believe ego got
An Invitation the first time
I glanced your direction.

Thought wrong
Thought what we were
Was factual
Only to discover
By the finale blow
What I was was genuine…




I’m not alright
What you see is another episode

This…what you see
Is nothing but an up front.
See me smiling, gallivanting
Up and tush with others, but still

Deep inside, I’m that one molecule
The one drowning in the pool of darkness
Wake up each and everyday
Knowingly I’ll be up against my biggest fear
Knowing that I’m fighting a losing battle

Waking up daily, eying my face on the mirror
Therefore I can tell I’m not the same
Try hard not to show the breaking point.

But still I can’t deceive myself
I can see the metamorphosis
I’m not alright!
Feeling like I’m at
The edge of NO RETURNING

I no longer know myself
Thus I just cannot…
I just don/t know
what’s wrong but
whatever it is

It’s straining my
whole humanity.


Mind if I say too much of a good thing
Won’t be good for too long?
Mind if I’m about to tell the truth?
Too much of a good thing won’t
Be good for too long
Eventually you’ll get used to it
And guess what?
It will no longer be ‘’a good thing’’ anymore
It will be ‘’that thing’’, rather.
Too much of a good thing too, it won’t last for too long
It will soon turn monotonous.
Take a guess again!
DAMN Right!!!!
You’ll be enough with it in no time
So get your mindset correct and think about it
Have you ever done one haircut for quit a long time?
Realize after 2 years you try new one
And you eventually become a whole new person B
To paparazzi’s perspective
Then in no time they get used to your new self.
What I’m trying to paint blue here
Is that every new toy
Our eyeballs will always find it attractive
And one scratch or breaking
We eventually find the new one to play with.


Allow me to solicit

Have you ever felt forlorn?

Have you ever felt like the world has twirled?

It’s posterior in contradiction to yourself?



Have you ever conjectured how people around you got theirs waxed

And yet yours still blue?

And then you had to dig in

That crocodile grin, have you?


Have you ever ambled down a lane?

Saw its beginning but yet the end unpredictably unreachable,

Have you ever felt morose?

I mean extensively severe hope-less.


Close your eyes for a minute

Open and tell me the metamorphosis.

Still believe in optimism now?

Saw how gloomy it eyed and stroked?


Can someone treasure you in that quarry?

Fall down and antedate your teammate to pick you up?

Fall down again and forestall a stranger to do a pick up?



Think again.

This we living now a ten mile run;

All eyes are on the finish line and

Every horse for itself


So I urge you to stand up

Wipe the waterworks, and face your qualms al-one

Trust no men in this cold deceiving word

Keep your head high up like your nose is bleeding

And plant the seed as many as you have.




Have you ever felt disappointed?

Thought everything shall run on a smooth surface

And yet seems like once again you were wrong?

Frictional surface one after the other.



Have you ever felt like it’s the end of the world?

Yet so many people are eyeing at your shoulders

For your downfall and up rise

And you don’t want to disappoint.



Asking for guidance

Instead they mislead you.

Those who should be helping lead you astray.

Have you ever found yourself under this kind of predicament?

Eyeing at people laughing

Feeling like they laughing at your aftermath.



Wondering where you took a wrong short right

Having all crystal questions,

But yet the answers be crystal blurred

Like a student who memorized equations

Just to pass an exam, you become paranoid.

You fall for everything.



Feeling like your career is about to reach expiry

Still at the first chapter of your story?

And yet there’s none you can do about it.


Wondering what bad deed you did

Which resulted in the world’s face

To turn so green,

So full of anger towards you.


Have you ever reached elasticity?

About to reach plastic region?

Afraid of the breaking point?

How long can you withstand the stress?

What’s your strain?


I wish I had enough time to know you better

Enough was never close I guess.

It feels like there’s so much I could have grasped from you

Just that time was not on our side the time you said your goodbyes;

Growing up without a big brother it’s like a team with a visionless coach.

I wish I just had enough time to know you better

We were never close, I know

Right now I could utilize that guidance from someone who has been there

Done that, bought the T-shirt and won’t judge.

Who can that someone be, if it’s not you?

My late brother.

I find myself wishing over and over again

But the consequence always becomes negative

I wished I could just turn back the hands of the chronometer

To the last night I saw you hyper

2015th December 16th day

I wish I had enough time back then,

Just to see that pretty smile of yours again

Your laughter, and far most I reminisce our arguments.

Sometimes I find myself crying

Crying and crying, those surrounding me left clueless

Then I wished I had enough time to get to know you better

My late brother.

I hope one day at that other side of the world

I’ll get superabundant time to tell you about the story

Of my life, so you can eye at the chapters I left blank and fill them up.

My late brother.

R.I.P Reginald.

By Orapeleng Christopher Rasebitse.