I’m not alright
What you see is another episode

This…what you see
Is nothing but an up front.
See me smiling, gallivanting
Up and tush with others, but still

Deep inside, I’m that one molecule
The one drowning in the pool of darkness
Wake up each and everyday
Knowingly I’ll be up against my biggest fear
Knowing that I’m fighting a losing battle

Waking up daily, eying my face on the mirror
Therefore I can tell I’m not the same
Try hard not to show the breaking point.

But still I can’t deceive myself
I can see the metamorphosis
I’m not alright!
Feeling like I’m at
The edge of NO RETURNING

I no longer know myself
Thus I just cannot…
I just don/t know
what’s wrong but
whatever it is

It’s straining my
whole humanity.


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