Allow me to solicit

Have you ever felt forlorn?

Have you ever felt like the world has twirled?

It’s posterior in contradiction to yourself?



Have you ever conjectured how people around you got theirs waxed

And yet yours still blue?

And then you had to dig in

That crocodile grin, have you?


Have you ever ambled down a lane?

Saw its beginning but yet the end unpredictably unreachable,

Have you ever felt morose?

I mean extensively severe hope-less.


Close your eyes for a minute

Open and tell me the metamorphosis.

Still believe in optimism now?

Saw how gloomy it eyed and stroked?


Can someone treasure you in that quarry?

Fall down and antedate your teammate to pick you up?

Fall down again and forestall a stranger to do a pick up?



Think again.

This we living now a ten mile run;

All eyes are on the finish line and

Every horse for itself


So I urge you to stand up

Wipe the waterworks, and face your qualms al-one

Trust no men in this cold deceiving word

Keep your head high up like your nose is bleeding

And plant the seed as many as you have.


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