Have you ever felt disappointed?

Thought everything shall run on a smooth surface

And yet seems like once again you were wrong?

Frictional surface one after the other.



Have you ever felt like it’s the end of the world?

Yet so many people are eyeing at your shoulders

For your downfall and up rise

And you don’t want to disappoint.



Asking for guidance

Instead they mislead you.

Those who should be helping lead you astray.

Have you ever found yourself under this kind of predicament?

Eyeing at people laughing

Feeling like they laughing at your aftermath.



Wondering where you took a wrong short right

Having all crystal questions,

But yet the answers be crystal blurred

Like a student who memorized equations

Just to pass an exam, you become paranoid.

You fall for everything.



Feeling like your career is about to reach expiry

Still at the first chapter of your story?

And yet there’s none you can do about it.


Wondering what bad deed you did

Which resulted in the world’s face

To turn so green,

So full of anger towards you.


Have you ever reached elasticity?

About to reach plastic region?

Afraid of the breaking point?

How long can you withstand the stress?

What’s your strain?


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