I wish I had enough time to know you better

Enough was never close I guess.

It feels like there’s so much I could have grasped from you

Just that time was not on our side the time you said your goodbyes;

Growing up without a big brother it’s like a team with a visionless coach.

I wish I just had enough time to know you better

We were never close, I know

Right now I could utilize that guidance from someone who has been there

Done that, bought the T-shirt and won’t judge.

Who can that someone be, if it’s not you?

My late brother.

I find myself wishing over and over again

But the consequence always becomes negative

I wished I could just turn back the hands of the chronometer

To the last night I saw you hyper

2015th December 16th day

I wish I had enough time back then,

Just to see that pretty smile of yours again

Your laughter, and far most I reminisce our arguments.

Sometimes I find myself crying

Crying and crying, those surrounding me left clueless

Then I wished I had enough time to get to know you better

My late brother.

I hope one day at that other side of the world

I’ll get superabundant time to tell you about the story

Of my life, so you can eye at the chapters I left blank and fill them up.

My late brother.

R.I.P Reginald.

By Orapeleng Christopher Rasebitse.


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